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‘RuKainnovation’ aims to keep businesses and communities safe.

Our anti-microbial protective films layered with ‘Active Copper’ protect your customers and employees from the spread of viruses that cause COVID-19.

Our anti-microbial protective film bonds to surfaces that make the commonly touched surfaces like tables, counter-tops, desks, window sills, etc. fully protected from bacteria and viruses.

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Usage of Antimicrobial Copper Film

It is unreasonably expensive and time-consuming to replace every surface in a facility with copper, RuKainnovation’s has come up with an alternative: PROMAXCOPPER & COPPERCOVID Antimicrobial Film.
It’s easy to apply over existing materials and offers the same sterilizing properties.
It’s a semi-permanent solution that can easily be reapplied when the original PROMAXCOPPER & COPPERCOVID Antimicrobial Film gets damaged.

Antimicrobial Copper Film for high touch surfaces:

  • School and Office tables
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Restaurant tables
  • Counter-tops
  • Public transportation handles
  • Stair railings
  • Door handles
  • Toilet handles
  • Card readers
  • Day Care tables
  • And many more…