FAQ RuKainnovation
A manual is always added to the products. Contact us if you would like our team to install the film for you.
Delivery is done within 7 working days in the EU.
As long as it remains physically undamaged and no paint, coating, or dirt is not covering the film/foil.
Please, contact us and we can discuss any size of the project.
Copper maintains unique characteristics, and there is an enormous difference in antimicrobial effects among various kinds of copper. We use only ‘Selective’ and ‘Certified’ copper our RukaInnovation films.
A unique polymer manufacturing technology prevents the discharge of copper materials. Also, the metallic melting process has been verified to be harmless to human beings.
As Copper is not discharged out of the films, it’s not harmful.
It is possible to cut any kind of shapes out of our films.
Our product has been tested as close as we can currently get to Covid-19, due to the danger of testing Covid-19 labs have been unable to test products and the main focus has been on finding a vaccine.
However, both Human Coronavirus 229 E, SARS, and CoV-2 are part of the same subfamily, as such, it shares common characteristics in terms of structure, membrane, and surface protein.
In tests, it was shown that copper inactivated 99.9% of coronaviruses (229 E, SARS, CoV-2) in 30 minutes.
More information and certificates: